General Questions

Who and What is TheSpiceQueen?

TheSpiceQueen.com is a grassroots online Fusion Food Platform to form a world-wide community of Fusion Foodies to share their culinary experiences/ We welcome Top chefs, mixologists, food tour guides, home cooks, Foodies and everyone who has something to share about Food and more.  Hosts teach at their own venues or come to you — you decide. Either way, you’re certain to enjoy an amazing meal, top-notch cocktails or an inspiring food tour, hear great stories, and — in the case of cooking classes or team building activities — learn new culinary skills or buy/sell products from our members or hosts through this website . 

No matter the occasion — birthday party, anniversary dinner or company team-building event — TheSpiceQueen is the place to find and book unique Fusion Food experiences.

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Who are the hosts?

We work with Foodies and chefs who have a variety of backgrounds, from working in starred restaurants to providing private chef and home cooking experiences to teaching in cooking schools, mixologists who have hand-crafted cocktails in world-class bars, food tour guides who have led tours around the globe, and more. Before any new hosts join our site, we meet them in person or virtually, check out their venue if needed, and experience their creations. Only those candidates who craft great food, libations and more, have a clean venue and enthusiasm about engaging with guests can list their experiences on TheSpiceQueen.com.

When is a chef a "verified chef"?

A chef is a “verified chef” if a food critic + photography partner has met the chef, checked out his venue and taken photos of the food and the chef.

When is a chef "food safety certified"?

A chef is a “food safety certified” chef if s/he has taken and passed a food safety class by a third-party.

What if I like an experience but cannot make it to any of the listed dates?

No worries! You can request a date by clicking the “Message us” link under the specific experience's date drop-down menu or by WhatsApp/texting/emailing us at orders@thespicequeencpm. If you do not see the link below the date drop-down menu, the chef or guide does not accept requests for different dates.

I would like to give an experience as a gift to someone. Is this possible?

Certainly! You can simply purchase a SpiceQueen class, product or gift card and give it to anyone. The benefit is:

  • SpiceQueen gift cards never expire.

  • Spicequeen gift cards can be used for any experience at any location nationwide.

  • Experiences include in-person cooking classes, online cooking or mixology classes, private chef experiences, team building activities, food tours, and more.

  • The gift card recipients schedule their own class according to their own preferences.

Will SpiceQueen come to my city anytime soon?

We are currently based in Northern California and in person events are avaialable only locally.   As we expand, we will invite presenters for online remote events from across the world, including, however any products sold are currently only produced and available in the  USA. •
As we expand,  Feel free to leave us your contact information so we can notify you when we launch in your city.

Pricing for Events

What amount covers the cost of an experience?

$200-$250 covers the cost for two guests to enjoy most in-person cooking classes and food tours, or book an online cooking or mixology class for as low as $19-$29 per device.

How much do experiences cost?

Cost varies and is dependent on the area, host, cuisine and experience type that you choose. Costs range from $19 to $125.

How is the pricing set?

The pricing on our site is based on market value in your area and on a per person basis. " to "The pricing on our site is based on market value in your area and on a per person or per device basis.

Do you do group pricing?

The pricing on our site is based on the market value in your area and on a per person basis. Various group sizes can be accommodated and rates do not decrease for larger group sizes. Each of our experiences list a minimum or maximum that can be found under the “Details” section.

Are there any additional costs?

Additional fees may apply and are determined by the chef or presenter.

  • Additional travel costs for bookings beyond the chef’s immediate home location.

  • When upgrading an experience to be held privately, an additional fee may apply.

Is tip included in the cost?‌

Hosts set their own pricing and include service in their rates so tipping is not expected. Instead of tipping the host would prefer a referral and an excellent review.