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I'm Jo Prabhu- Founder of The SpiceQueen.com 

The Covid-19 quarantine was a perfect opportunity to start working on my bucket list with one important task in mind- to document and upload among other things, 70+ years of my photographs signature recipes for my growing Fusion Family scattered around the globe. 

The Recipes were first prioirty and it soon became not just about Food, but about a journey. Sharing a legacy and a lifetime of stories, discovering our roots, history and family traditions, uploading photos and videos, growing backyard produce, to the fine intricacies of cooking up delicious aromatic family meals and bringing up fond memories of the good times we had around the dining table. 


It was liberating.  Food as all mothers know, is a powerful and secret weapon that brings family and friends together and I disovered members of my family I never knew existed.  I became a connector, a powerhouse and realized that I had a new mission-To start a Fusion Food Club and reach out to everyday people, entrepreneurs, innovators and forward thinking leaders, who are all, in ways both big and small, dedicated to preserving our identities, cultures and family traditions, while respecting age, ethnicity, color, gender, location or political affiliation. 

Please Join our Food Club.  Create your own Family or Social Group. You have a history, a story to tell and great secret recipes to teach or share!  

You are real, You are passionate, You are a game changer inspiring the rest of us from every country looking for ways to come together.  Food can feed the hungry, create jobs, define careers, change livelihoods and allow us to open up our kitchens and dining tables to those with no Family and make a tangible difference in their lives!   


Each month we Focus on a Healthy Food or Spice- 


The Wonders of TURMERIC...