No party is complete without our Lassie, Smoothie & Chai Collection-LOCAL LONG BEACH ORDERS ONLY

My signature secret ingredients in these Lassies get you hooked!  From Sweet Mango or Sweet n Sour Green Mango, to the Sweet or Savory Buttermilk, this is a unique experience that lingers!  The flavorful frothy lassies on this page are only available for direct local delivery in small quantities for parties or personal consumption. Our Sweet Mango Lassie's are made from fresh mangoes when in season and from frozen chunks or paste the rest of the year and are on special order with 3 weeks notice based upon availability. Our Hot or Cold Spicy Indian Masala Chai on the other hand is available 365 days a year and available in bulk by the gallon! 

Lassie's (say Luss-ey's) are the Indian term for Smoothies and are a delightfully healthy and refreshing.  Our signature Sweet Lassies are made with a  blend of  fresh, fleshy, seasonal tropical fruit such as Mangoes, Guavas, Bananas, Peaches, Apples, Watermelon, Persimmons, Strawberries mixed with dates, raisins, honey or agave added as sweeteners and our delicately flavored Sweet or Savory Buttermilk Lassies are just the drinks for the cool Summer months!