Chutney, the Indian term for any fresh dip or sauce, is made with a combination of fragrant healthy herbs, secret aromatic spices, fresh or dried fruit or veggies and no meal in traditional India is served without it.  My irresistably thick, piquant signature Sweet, Tangy & Savory Chutneys are perfect sauces for dipping, grilling, marinating or  basting for both Indian or Western/Fusion-style grilled, fried or steamed white or red meats.  They are also the ideal dip for salty fries, chips or crackers,  or as a spread on a tea sandwich.    


Try my choices of Sweet 'n' Spicy Tangy Mango,  Piquant Fresh Mint,  Fresh Sweet Raisin, Fresh Coconut or Banana-Tamarind Chutney to truly delight and titillate your taste-buds.

Click here for creative ways on how to serve them...  My fresh Chutneys  are only available in the Long Beach or Marin Counties.  Once I figure out how to freeze package them, they will soon be available online via the internet, at your local Gourmet stores and directly on (coming soon...)  


Chutney is an Indian word for any fresh dip-traditionally hand-ground on a grinding stone or fast-forward today in a blender- with fresh or dry fruit, veggies, piquant spices and fragrant herbs or seasonings.  Usually of thick consistency, Chutneys are an ever-present accompaniment for fries, chips, a spread on crackers or in the Western world, with choices from savory, sweet, or sweet n sour,  they are used as delicious basting sauces for any grilled, baked or fried meats or veggies 

Try our signature selection of Sweet n Spicy Fresh Raisin Chutney, Sweet n Sour Mango Chutney, Fresh Coconut Chutney, Sweet & Sour Banana-Tamarind or Fragrant Fresh Mint or Cilantro Chutney-so perfect dribbled on Samosas!   Our Indian Spice Queen Chutneys come in 8 or 16 oz containers and are freshly made- to- order for delivery only in Long Beach or Marin County, CA