Spice Up Your Life with these ItzyBitzie Treats & Nuts


My signature hot spicy or sweet crunchy hors-dou-vres keep you or your guests coming back for more!  For Hots, try our Spicy Chilli Cashew Nuts or Hot Masala Chudwa Mix (its Chood-wah) or medium spicy Samosas filled with soft curried potatoes!  The sweet Krunchy Kul Kul Shells are a must for every Xmas party gift or table and you can't go wrong with my delicious Fresh Mint Crust-Free Finger English Tea Sandwiches, to make your party a savory success- although we do suggest a cool glass of beer or water handy because the first time around, you're going to need it! 


Samosas have long been a favorite Indian horsdouvre' to serve at parties, but its no surprise that they have caught on across the US and all across California!  Dipped or dribbled with our sweet and spicy Cilantro or Mint Chutneys they are fun, novel, tasty and filling treats to share with your guests!  While you are at it, my signature Krunchy Kul-Kuls, Spicy Masala Cashews or Chilli-Hot Chudwah Mix- have all fast become international favorites and although they keep for 6 weeks or more, they're pretty much gone on arrival!   In the absence of a retail store, all items can be ordered online and they are always made fresh.  We are however, actively seeking wholesalers, retailers or network marketers to carry these special goodies, especially as they are not available anywhere else on the planet!  The Fresh Piquant Mint Chutney Sandwices and Samosas are also made fresh to order in batches of 24 and available for delivery in the 94901 (San Rafael) area code only.