In the spirit of gifting and giving we give the Gift of Health. We solicit your help for The PeopleMakingChange Foundation to donate 5 % of your profits to the following causes: 


1. Education and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

2. Second Chances Act-

A) Helping people get back on their feet after life changing or medical events

B) To Help, heal and rehabilitate those who have endured civic and social injustices.

C) To finding and ensuring a new better life for the 136,000 new and existing Foster Children in California who age out at 18 each year with no one or family to turn to. We offer a ray of light at the end of a tunnel, when they see none.  

D) Birthday T-Shirts & Cupcakes

E) Preventing Alzheimer's


If you are someone who needs help or if you are a company, organization or individual with a cause or wishing to contribute, please fill out the form for more information on ways you can help or get involved: 

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Ever had a child at school or someone at work feel sad and unappreciated on their Birthday?  Send a BirthdayGram T-Shirt and  Box of Birthday Cupcakes! 


This happened to my grandson who came home from school in tears on his 10th Birthday. He left for school that morning brimming with excitement feeling gloriously happy to be the star of the day and bask in the glory of attention.  But it did not happen that way- No one in his classroom but his Teacher, wished him a Happy Birthday and he was so distraught and hurt, he swore he would stay home on his next birthday!


This is not supposed to happen.  Not to a child!  It broke my heart to hear him sob all the way home and it was all I could do to comfort him.   Recognition, hugs and gifts are all what one always gets at home, but there is not a person or child in the Universe who would not want to be the center of attention in class or at work, even for a few minutes, especially on their Birthday! Disappointments like these hurt one's ego and stays in one's memory for a lifetime!  


Not if I can help it, I said to myself, and the very next day decided to create an easy, simple, worthwhile and inexpensive special memory for every child at school or someone at work, by sending them a card or gift of acknowledgment from those they love, publicly ackowledging them of how special they are on this day! 


If you have a child or loved one , click on the link provided and we will send them a Birthday, Celebratory or Commemorative Card delivered directly to his/her class or workplace on the day it is due.  Don't forget to inlude a picture, type in what you want to say, fill out the address, and for $7.50 we will make his  or her day a Memory that will last a lifetime! 


And while you are feeling charitable, we invite you to donate another $7.50 for those who would love to send a card but cannot afford it.  


Add an ItzyBitzie Gift Box to kids in hospitals, orphanages, foster homes, or  in prison.


Ready to send a card or a gift?  Sign up Now!